making better use of the cortex's USB port...

Hello, I just got an amazing idea for a new vex product that would be somewhat simple for vex to implement. So for computers there are flash-drives that store 8 to 64 GB (or more) of data and USB port spliters that plug into one USB port and opens up many USB ports for the user such as If vex were to sell these to parts then the cortex memory would have the ability to be massively increased making room for more variables and more songs :slight_smile:

So how much memory does the Vex Cortex have? I have never played with a speaker module, so I have not needed any more space for songs. But this would be fun to use, maybe there would be more reasons to buy a speaker module. But maybe, instead of an USB splitter, a new Vex Cortex could have multiple USBs.

You are lucky to fit one song on the cortex right now and the cortex has a memory of 448 kb (.000448 GB ish) which means that a cheap flash drive (2 gb) would increase the storage of the robot by over 4,000 times. A new cortex would be nice but it would be a lot easier to just make a splitter that already exists…

The master SoC has 512k flash and 64k local SRAM (total of 98k including ethernet buffer, USB, etc), quite a bit is used by the master firmware (it was ruled illegal to modify master firmware in competitions :frowning: )
User SoC has 384k flash and 64k SRAM

The master SoC is capable of USB OTG meaning it technically can read from a flash drive but proper drivers for all devices might be an issue (USB splitters need drivers also), and also everything has to go through SPI which might be a bottleneck

probably a better idea to use a UART port instead, something like this would work fine for the cortex

This seems like a great idea. Perhaps VEX should just make something similar to this so that it can be standardized and suited for the cortex, and it could be used in competition.

I’m really just hoping for a storage add on whether its ^this or a flash drive or anything else…

I understand how this would come in handy, but I really doubt that VEX would put the time in to develop something like that… I don’t think that enough people would use it. I know that you mentioned that this would be good for storing tons of songs, but… once again I don’t think that, that many people are using speakers this season.

I totally understand why it could be handy but… yeah.

I think the reason that there is few speakers in use is because their is not enough storage, not enough time to program them, and not enough functionality to make time … The last two reasons will basically solve themselves when teams program the speakers in the off season. Their popularity should be exponential as teams see other teams using the speakers.

I guess, but in my opinion speakers can be annoying… hopefully not to many people use it. :smiley:

i havent used speakers because there is not much of a use in competition other than using beeps to debug something in match

a simple SD card reader would be much easier to make than most other vex products, you only need a simple processor with UART/I2C and SPI, shoot you could even just attach the SD card to the cortex directly as another slave device (though would require some good soldering skills)