Making merch?

I’ve noticed many teams have created free merch (stickers, pins, the occasional tote bag or small game), and I was wondering where you can make them. When my team went to worlds, we hand drew a bunch of stickers and fed them through a sticker machine. I would very much appreciate links to websites or something with info on where you can actually get merch professionally made. Thanks!

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Just search Google. There are many companies that will develop such items and ship them to you, often with some sort of online designer. Alternatively, there are probably local businesses in your area that will develop at least some of the items you want, saving you shipping costs.

Of course, you should plan to shop around. Prices and quality can vary greatly.

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I have found these to be the best websites for merch that offer the best bang for your buck:
For vistaprint, they almost always have a discount coupon code for stickers so you can save a lottt of money as well. (You would need to find them though because they likely change over time)


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I know Skyline Robotics used Redbubble for the stickers they made last year, including the ones for Flywheel Gang. (They also had ones for Puncher OP.)


We made really nice hats, they are from the people that I get all of my swag/shirts from:

They do nice work and are inexpensive. While you can go on the interwebs and find cheaper, I try to use local companies for things like this. Then when I mess up on a schedule, they will turn things around quickly.