Making new team t-shirts

Hello everyone,

Our team is currently in the process of designing our team t-shirt, and we would appreciate some input on what to add onto it. We are open to any suggestions and ideas that you may have.

Additionally, we are wondering if it is permissible to use the VEX Worlds logo on the back of our t-shirt. If anyone has any information or insight on this, we would greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Looks good imo.
You could try putting the team role for members of the team on the right or left sleeve. Everybody would have tshirts that were specifically for them.

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Send an email to and they can give you the rules around the Worlds Logo.

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This will give you the branding guidelines for all the logos. For making t-shirts it’s a okay as long as it’s not for commercial purpose.

But I also encourage you to give it a read through for yourself!