Making ratchets more precise

Our current ratchet and pawl mechanism is experiencing some precision issues, and so I was wondering what methods there are for making a ratchet and pawl more precise without increasing the size of the ratchet gear itself.

Can we see a picture?

Here are some pictures

you could add more tension to the ratchet or try moving it to a larger gear.

White spacers next to pinions can sometimes cause issues (Because I’m pretty sure the outer diameter of them is bigger than the lowest point in the pinion’s teeth). Not sure that is the issue, but may not hurt to try and replace them with something smaller like the black spacers.

you could use a gear ratio to make the ratchet gear spin faster.

Can you elaborate on this?

if you switch to a vex official ratchet, the faster it spins, the more often the pawl will set to the next tooth, therefore making it more precise.

idk about using the type of ratchet you have tho

I have one of those but am having trouble actually turning it into a ratchet that works well. Do you have a link to a video or a picture maybe?

I assume you’ve checked out the Vex Inventor’s Guide info here

We pretty much just did this & put a rubber band on it to keep engaged at all times; works fine to hold a heavy-shooting puncher back.

sure, let me try and pull up a pic or video.

here, sorry for the bad quality and horrendous file attachment. its all I have. I used a pre fab ratchet, geared to speed from the slipgear’s shaft. works like a charm, never had a single problem with it.
Robotics (8.45 MB)


no problem, pm me if you need more info