Making slip gears

Does anyone have any advice about how to make slip gears? Not sure what the best way to remove teeth would be.

You can grind the teeth off using a bench grinder

We use a belt sander, and it takes about 1-2 minutes to make a slip gear, its really simple


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Power band saw.

Actually not really, they can melt the gear or screw it up if you’re not careful. Definitely recommend a Dremel.

In NbN we used a band saw. As long as you’re careful, it should be fine. Make sure you just cut off the teeth and not the edge of the gear.

So just to clarify, you should cut off 1/4 of the gear right?

It depends on how far back you want to pull back your puncher and how fast you want to shoot.

So if I were to have a 30-second difference in shots and pull my launcher all the way to the back, how much do you recommend I shave off?

No one can really answer that for you without much more information. Consider how it works. The teeth need to keep catching to slide it back. When it’s reached the back the teeth need to cease catching or else it will never get released. So the number of teeth you want remaining is the number of teeth you need to slide it back from the point where they catch up front until it gets back as far as you want it.

Noting that you can always shave off more but you can’t put teeth back on, err on the side of not shaving off quite enough at first. Make sure you see where it catches (may not be quite where you think due to angles) in action. Move it back from there is see where it releases. If it never releases or goes back further than you want before releasing, you still have too many teeth.

I like my band saw for this job the cut is really nice

Cut off the teeth 1 by 1 with wire cutters. EZ.

You will have to perform tests to determine how many teeth to gut off. In NBN we had an extremely efficient slip gear shooter where we had 14 teeth cut off in two different places. It will be a matter of guess and check tbh

ive seen some made with sprockets and chains

any advantage in doing this?

does it catch less when the gear slips?

Our sister team just used sand paper.

I once was stuck and had to use wire cutters. I’m surprised worked as well as it did. I usually use a really small bench grinder. But I’ve also heard of chisels in a thread a long time ago.