Making VEX IQ Cable

So with the V5, you can make your own custom cable.

I have some VEX IQ stuff that I’m doing some testing with. This isn’t going to be used in competition, but I want to know if I could make custom cables usable with the VEX IQ Platform, and if so what would be the type of cable stock I need to get, along with the type of modular connector used.

Take a look at this thread: Smart Cable Compatibility I’ve not looked into this personally (and probably never will) as it doesn’t seem to be an issue with our organization (we have 14 IQ teams).

have you tried making a custom cable with V5, does it require soldering? How much cheaper is it than the Precut cable? Does it risk the cable falling loose, and how much cheaper is it?

They don’t require soldering, the connectors are IDC crimp types which means you need a VEX crimp tool as well.
As for cost, you can easily work out the cost per centimeter of the cable stock, the cost per connector and work it out. It depends on how many you make because you need to spread the cost of the crimp tool out over the number of cables as well. The more you need to make, the more cost effective it becomes. It also depends on how much you value having the cable of the correct length!

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