Making Vex V5 go as fast as possible

I’m currently trying to make the fastest vex robot, it will be traveling a short distance, 20 ft, as fast as possible. have two rules, can only use two motors, and can’t modify said motors, besides that, it also needs to be able to stop on a point, anything goes, wondering if you guys have any ideas, tricks or tips on how I can achieve this goal. Thank y’all in advance

If you make an extremely light robot, you could use two 7:1 gear ratios. This will make the wheels spin at 4200 rpm.

This is what we use for our flywheel, so this would indeed make you go 20 feet extremely quickly.

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I would definitely use whatever extra “motors” you are allowed to. Rubber bands, latex tubing, or whatever can get you extra power without adding too much weight.

Also do plenty of testing if you have time. Just do time trials with different gear ratios. Maybe test 200RPM, then 600, then increase as you go. The fastest gear ratio doesn’t make the fastest robot, so testing is how you decide which gear ratio is best. For example 4200RPM probably won’t drive at all, so you wouldn’t want that as a gear ratio.


if you are using 4 wheels, you can put 2 of them on a screw to reduce friction

lots of good info here: