Mall of America

Just returned from the Mall of America. What a great event! Many thanks to Andrew Dahlen and the massive crew required to pull off an event of this scale and caliber. If you weren’t there, you definitely missed out! I was there as a coach, a parent, and a volunteer, so I saw many different sides of the event. A few shout outs. First, the Head Refs were amazing. My team absolutely loved Zea and want her to ref all events. I worked directly with Michelle and her professionalism and love for the game was amazing! The Emcess were also outstanding! They really made the event fun. The deejaying and music was a blast. The production was outstanding. Some teams that made a great impression were: 323V Gears. They were a great support to my team and my team couldn’t say enough positive about them and their coach. Thank you! 839Z - Caution Tape Robotics were also very helpful and fun to run with. 3141V - Yoinkey, Sploinkey was very kind, courteous and professional and also just a fun team. It was amazing to be with so many great teams. It was a two-day high level experience that every team that attended will benefit from. I’m sure that I left many out, but Thank You!