Man vs Machine

The leg that Massey University has machined out of aluminium is ready to receive its pneumatic muscles in preparation for the kickoff against All Black Legend Andrew Mehrtens on the 10th of October. This life sized leg is impressive in every way and has come to life thanks to the generous support of SMC, The NZICT and the hard work and dedication of the engineering team at Massey University.

The picture below show the leg just before it was attached to the ‘body’ of the robots and before it had the pneumatics added!

I’m a sucker for awesome machined pieces. This thing is just cool.
You wouldn’t happen to know the weight of the piece you started with would you?


I like SMC :smiley:

I’ll be sure to show this to my dad, he would be pretty interested in it.

I’m interested in seeing it work! should be pretty awesome! :smiley:

It’s so awesome I have nothing else to say.

  • Andrew