Managing Money for Team

So, I have been posting lately about my Sponsorship Booklet and currently printed a 14 page information booklet for my potential sponsor. Now, all I need to do is manage the money I have saved. I have $350 that I saved up and wonder what I should do with it to start my team. I still haven’t registered my team, but I’m not sure if that’s what I should do first. Any recommendations to spend my money on for the team or should I just keep it?

Do you guys already have funds to purchase all the parts and stuff needed? If so, there’s no need to invest an extra 350 dollars unless you guys really have too for whatever reason. Up to you if you wanna spend an extra 350 dollars for X and Y reason though :smiley:

No, $350 total XD

I am going to a business tomorrow though to communicate with the General Manager most likely.

Good luck! Pitching your team in person is an important skill to build. The key is to be a good listener, hear what the concerns from the businesses are for backing your team and use the information to improve your pitch.

REC Foundation has grants available:

One of the things we brought to businesses was a highlight video of our season along with accomplishments. The guy who worked on sponsorships on our team did a great job with it and the businesses we went to loved it.

In addition I would recommend going to any business possible. The worst thing that they could say is no. We had 2 grocery stores sponsor us

I got no response from this grant. I sent a form several weeks ago.

If I brought a highlight video, what should I bring it on?

We did a laptop sized tablet and that worked pretty well. A laptop would probably work too

Lol my laptop is garbage.