Manly motors

So today i was building my robot. It was going well, like PEWPEWPEW.

But then the sliders were like ZOMG IM LAZY CBF MOVING.

This caused EPIC failure in many multi-dimentions, and i was like OH GAD WHAT IS HAPPENING.

So i felt my motors and it was like a hangi hot rock (chur bro).

I was like, these motors should man up

Apparently vex motors have some heat cut off point to save themselves from ULTIMATE DESTRUCTION.

Is this some mechanical trip or what?!!??!?!!?!?


once they get to a certain temperature the motors do not work until the temperature drops. this has been an issue for us too when we are in the final matches and run 2 or 3 matches with no rest. often they work after a minute or two but it is annoying

This thread might give you a bit more information on the issue.

And C@meron, could you please stop posting a ton of pictures with your messages? It makes loading slow(er) on my already slow computer.