Map and Schedule for the VRC World Championship

This document is the PDF version of the map and schedule that will be available at the VEX Robotics Competition World Championship.

Is the image in the upper right corner upside-down for anyone else, or is it just chrome’s PDF reader murdering it?

Haha, funny I almost asked the same thing when I first looked at it. I’m using Google Chrome as well, so I can’t tell you. :stuck_out_tongue:


I brought it up in both Chrome and Internet Explorer and it is upside down in both.

and IE uses the Adobe plugin for PDFs so VEX FAIL, but still lots of great info on there. I’m personally looking forward the the BSA Robotics Merit badge Table.

I figured it out.

Its because its meant to be a foldable map and info sheet.


Yes, this is a foldable map that will be handed out at the event.

See you all soon!

I was wondering how long it would take one of the utes to figure it out…

Hey Rick,
The URL for the ‘Vex Robotics Passport’ at is broken at the moment (gives me a 404). I assume maybe the stuff just isn’t uploaded yet?

We are working on finalizing details for the Passport contest and they will be posted ASAP.


We’re fortunate enough to be taking two teams to Worlds this year. I expect that we’ll be put into different divisions, which is okay. That happened two years ago. Since the pits are being split into different buildings by division, what is the probability that our teams will be in the same building? We weren’t planning on packing more than what we needed, but if we’re in different buildings and need a toolkit, air pumps, batteries, etc. really quickly and don’t want to run over to a different building, now we’re going to need to bring more stuff! Better to find that out now than when we get there. Has there been some effort to try to keep the teams from a single school in the same facility??

I asked a similar question a while ago.

But essentially, your pits will be next to each other or at least very close.

That’s great news! Thanks, Ryan.