Map specfications?

Hello, it is me, Ninja. I need help about the new VEX competition. I have many questions about the map specifications, and the net specifications. Also, I have no idea what the rules are. (I’m lazy c:) Can anyone reply to this or just help me? I really need the rules and specifications, but I don’t know where it is, and I want something useful, like links, and things.


I am also new at this, and this is the first thread I made. I hope you can help me without any negative things. Thanks!

-Ninja :slight_smile:

More Questions

/COLOR I also want ideas for robots, I really want some. Tell me some ideas, I won’t copy them, but instead, I will combine them. Thanks!

(Also I am new to the color and font things.)

Look at the link below, then ask questions AFTER you have read them. No need to be lazy;)

The CAD level specification are sort of out… See Appendix A

Page 10 says the top hole is 9.09" high, 21" wide at the base coming to a point in the corner.

Hi, there is an app about the new game, is called " VEX ‘Nothing but the net’ "
There you have all the information about the game. Hope that helps.