Mapping Controller

When clicking controller buttons to map them in “Devices” sometimes I get odd highlighting(?).

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Also, I did not intuitively know to click buttons repeatedly to change which motor is chosen. Maybe just sleepy after competition. I never have them use button mapping anyway, but get it that some would want to. Have been impressed looking at flexibility of ModKit’s controller mapping.

I figured it out pretty quickly by clicking around but I agree, it’s not the most intuitive interface in the world. Maybe it would be better if clicking each set of buttons produced a menu with all the things that button set could be assigned to.


When I ran a session with about 25 8-10 year olds earlier this week, they actually really liked that system and found it super easy.

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Thanks for the feedback. Since they’re web elements, there is an ability to highlight certain elements. We’re working on removing that as we move forward.

As for using the interface, we’re planning on even more tutorial videos to help explain how different UI elements and interfaces work.