Marathon Saturday morning affecting shuttles?

Hi guys, I just noticed that there are road closures or delays on Saturday morning April 28th in the downtown area and going out to Churchill Downs related to the Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon and Marathon.

I also found this at the bottom of the KEC Shuttle Information schedule

*Mini-Marathon on Saturday will cause road
closures. Downtown hotel service will begin
at 6 am. Plan accordingly.

So which KEC bus routes are affected? Do our teams have to get up really early to avoid road closures and actually get to the KEC on time?..

Thanks for reaching out to us and highlighting an excellent point. While we are still running the shuttle schedule (as planned), there could be some delays getting to the venue. If teams have an early match, they should plan to leave on an earlier bus IF they are staying downtown. Please reference our Shuttle Schedule & Information document for more details!


FriendlyGiant (and other concerned team leaders),
After receiving a few additional questions regarding marathon traffic and shuttle schedules, I wanted to share more details with the community regarding traffic on Saturday, April 28th. I hope that you find this short Q&A helpful and informative.

Q. How do we know when and where there will be road closures/delays?
A. Road closures are throughout the Metro Louisville area and affect different parts of town at different times. The navigation app WAZE can direct you around any closures, or construction, as they have real-time info shared from our Metro permits/public works systems. The link below will show the overall Map of the race, with the full marathon in orange and the mini-marathon in blue.

Q. If driving a personal vehicle, how will we be kept apprise of road closures and the best routes?
A. The navigation app WAZE can direct you around any closures, or construction, as they have real-time info shared from the City of Louisville Metro permits/public works systems.

Q. How long will the traffic closures last?
A. The race begins at 7:25 a.m. and the course closes at 1:30 p.m. Many closures will reopen once the race has passed, and intersections will allow traffic to pass when runners aren’t present. Affected intersections will have Metro Police present, follow their instruction for crossing the race route.

Q. Which hotel guests could be impacted?
A. It is possible that guests staying at the Aloft, Galt House, Marriott, Omni, Hyatt, Brown will all have altered shuttle bus pick-up locations – but there will always be directional signage and additional information in the hotel lobby.