Marking Questions Answered

When a question posed in the official Q&A is replied to, it’s marked as “Answered”. Now, the vast majority of the time, that reply does indeed answer the question. But sometimes the answer is either unclear, or the OP does not understand it clearly. Should the question not remain “Unanswered” until it is answered to the OP’s satisfaction (or someone decides that it has been answered clearly enough)? This obviously doesn’t cause any big problems, and this is just me putting my suggestion into the box.

I mark the questions as answered manually. On one or two occasions I’ve marked questions as “Pending”. If the OP has a followup question, they can just ask it, and the question will be answered promptly.

It looks to me like the way it works in practice is like this:

  • If Karthik has the last post, then it is answered.
  • If there is a followup by OP, then there is a pending question (or a thank you)

It appears as if Karthik checks for Q&A threads where he does not have the last word,
and replies to them so he always does.

One tradeoff is that every “thanks for the answer” requires a “welcome” from him.

  • On the up-side, it provides a tiny bit of loop closure.
  • On the down-side, this practice is a content-free waste of time,
    – for all the readers keeping up with Q&A
    – for Karthik to post “welcome” to get the last word

My personal standard is to generally not add a thanks-closure, (unless the answer required an unusual amount of followup);
I’m not unthankful, I just think I’m saving Karthik from yet another followup.

If I notice that Karthik expresses a preference for the upside, I’d have to reconsider.

Back to the OP: I think this standard practice of “It is answered if Karthik has the last word” is easy to use, easy to understand, requires no training, requires no maintenance; as a social convention, it works better than adding some other forum feature to close the loop on answered.

Yes, by this point, I think we all know that thanks are implied. I say “thank you” at the end of the post to (in addition to showing gratitude) designate that all of my questions pertaining to the original post have been answered. How would you like us to format the Q&A exchange Karthik? Is saying thank you a good closure, or just an additional post you have to reply to?