Marking Tile Coverage

So I host the TAI-VEX event in Taiwan and assisted PASVEX this weekend as well.
Our 66799 Teams designed and built these tile marking things with IQ parts, as our own teams can shoot too many strings making it a pain to count scores, and expected the same from other teams.
We tried different things but this was the most effective,

I found that it saved me a lot of time, at least 1 to 2 minutes a match when there is an armada of strings. Also probably up to 5 minutes for some of our very very close matches where they win by a tiny margin because it sped up teams counting tile coverage, as they only need to check if the correct tiles are covered not the amount, since almost every member will count and recount and recount each one taking forever.

This tool has 28 sticks, because low goal does not count, this way there is no way for the scorekeepers to accidentally go over 28.
The sticks are separated in groups of 5 for easy counting, for the scorekeepers and for teams to quickly see, which makes it better than post it notes, chips, or whatnots.
I would prefer to use red sticks for the red team, but I didn’t have enough. It does have a fancy color coded handle though.

They also show up much more nicely on live streams.
Thought I’d share this so future events can run smoothly. There are many ways of building similar things so it might inspire some Event Partners or Refs to get some more creative tile markers.


EPs have been discussing this in the subforum.

Poker chips
Bean bags
Practice cones

All good stuff.


My team uses red and blue bean bags. They’re easy to see and weigh decently so you can throw them down and they don’t bounce around. Best option for coverage scoring, IMHO

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In Nebraska we have been using colored notecards, which are easy to carry around. But you can’t just throw them down as easily as bean bags. The most recent tournament the notecards were also all folded in the center to make them easier to pick up.


I just had a competition this saturdayand they used cheap plastic cones

competitions in our state have been using red and blue disposable plastic cups, which have been very convenient, cheap and easy to replace, while being visible to everyone on the field.

I think this idea is nice, because once you know every covered tile is accounted for, all you need to do is see how many pieces are remaining on the holder as each alliance can only cover a maximum of 28 tiles.

At the event I volunteered at, the refs used blue and red soccer cones (like the ones you would use for drills and practice) and those seemed to work fine as well. They also showed up on the livestream quite nicely.

Here is a screenshot from our event. I really like the cones as they are easy to place and pick up, make it very visually obvious for spectators which tiles score points, and are pretty cheap (we spent $40 for 120 cones)