markings on robot

for the vex gateway are you aloud to mark on the robot with a permanent marker so you can monitor the lenght of somthing?


There is no harm in doing this. In fact, last year for RoundUp, my team sharpied the whole entire robot orange!

It is legal.

This is not necessarily true. While the application that trxrevo182 specified seems fine, coloring the robot is not always legal. For example, if an actuator that touches game elements is colored, that could possibly be illegal. The coloring cannot offer any advantage, such as making the surface less frictionate.

We understand. It was just for fun, we weren’t do it to gain anything.

ok thanks for the help everybody!


I would think that if your marking is used to visually monitor the position, for example, of an arm, then the marking is no longer a decoration and is functional. Hence it would not be allowed.

Probably be best to post this in the offical area to be sure.


That is not correct. Rule <R7>a says:

Thus, color markers are allowed for the purpose described as long as they do not violate any other rules.