Marusha the Great Takes on the Pipeline Challenge

For my robotics project, I made a pipeline explorer code. My lovely robot assistant, Marusha the 4th, tested out the program for me. The challenge was for Marusha to go through a “pipeline” and sense two “cracks” in the pipe. Marusha would then display on the screen the distance from the starting points each line was. It was difficult at first, because of the motor encoder command. But with help, I was able to write a code using the motor encoder commands. It took a lot of time and mistakes. But eventually, Marusha was able to get through the course while sensing the dark lines.<br><br>![c5d9b90efc7ee7e8feaa36ec93dc474a.jpg|690x500](upload://yAp2tIw9D7c6Qxloo83GjPOkQMv.jpeg)<br><br>![3236f0483872e43d3a2254010b9698e4.jpg|690x500](upload://87JaVVyLdDMa1IWCP5aLBSeq7wA.jpeg)<br><br>![322d1db3b5da80fe8311e573da54589e.jpg|690x500](upload://yuZOXADci8pOGNcaCjKaRpOv55w.jpeg)<br><br>![cfbc3cddd900cfec6328f466f26ba0f9.jpg|690x500](upload://vSqFzOjHm3cOUvWGzXYsvhI7v1M.jpeg)

Very impressive!