mary chrismas

i just wanted to say. mary chrismas to you all!:smiley:

Lets spread some Christmas/Hanukkah cheer around the Ye Olde VEX Forums.:smiley:

yep.mary christmas to u all!!!

May you have a glorious holiday season

And may the New Year be full of many great robot ideas !!

snickers because of spelling

merry christmas to every one get some good robot ideas and i hope i get some more parts:D :smiley:

i second your hope about getting more parts robokid87 :slight_smile:

i want a gamecube lol

i have a game cube r first 1 brke so we got a used 1 which didnt work either and now we got another used 1 which worked but stopped but now works yay:D :stuck_out_tongue: :confused:

merry x-mas, I’m getting the pneumatics,…lol

i change my mined i realy like that xbox360

post here on what u got for christmas

VEX starter Kit!!!


PS: Merry Christmas!!!

Woot, Merry Christmas Everyone!

right now i just got a wheel kit and 30 dollars to spend on vex @ ebay yay and i still have to go to my grandmas and everyone elses house i already know im getting a power pack and motor yay and probly some more things