Massachusetts VEX U

Howdy! So I have recently moved up to MA to be a freshman at UMass Lowell, and I was curious if any VEX U team were active in the area. I’ve been active in VEX for the past 4 years, and would really like to continue being involved, Thanks!

There are a few programs that have teams in the state, but not as many as I think there should be. WPI usually puts out two teams, I usually compete in some form as QCC2 (I’m working on robots for local events and doing skills challenge runs, likely no worlds for me since I volunteer there), and there are a few more programs/teams that will usually pop up. I have some friends scattered across the state who talk about doing teams but are usually limited by funds or time.

I’d like to put on a few events to get some high-level competition play around here but there hasn’t been interest from enough teams in order to do anything like that or achieve any growth in the VEXU area in the last few years.

I’d like to hear from teams/people local to the area who are interested in meeting and actually competing around here. I think it would be conducive for the type of growth I (and some others) would like to see in the VEXU program in the New England region. Plus, it would allow me to satisfy that competitive itch without necessarily having to go do it at worlds.


Hey just got back on forums! My team will be competing in New England this year as a first year VexU team. We have experience as a high school team and are transitioning into a college team. I’ll post more info under a team account