Massive battery Issue HELP PLEASE!!

Battery flashing red and green simultaneously s.o.s. We have a competition this Sunday and none of our motors work. PLEASE SEND HELP!

We are running two motrs that each have a 15:1 gear ratio to the same axle that spins our flywheel. Any problem with that?

Use the batterie like normal then fully charge it might be that a battery cell is full and the others are not. But do not hit the reset button!!

What do you mean?

Sometimes a battery will only drain one cell but I could be wrong. Put this on vex technical support.

more info needed.
Was the battery updated to the firmware in the October vexos release (1.0.2) ?
When did it start flashing ?
Is the red led flashing fast (3-4 times a second) or slowly (like, once per second).
Is the green led flashing fast or slow ? Is the charger attached ?

battery was updated. After the motors stopped working. once per second. Charger attached. We attached a new battery afterwards and it started working, is it the load of the motors? Each one has a 15:1 ratio?

I’m not so fluent in V5 yet, but you could try plugging in another motor into one of your used ports and see if it spins up okay. If it does, then you know it could be a load problem.

Ok, so is the battery charging ? If not, unplug the charger and plug it in again, does the green led change when you unplug/plug in the charger ?

We were having a similar issue. Battery updated and it was charging but also flashing red and green. We reset it and it worked fine. But after that cycle, it would not turn on again or charge. The rightmost light was a solid red while the leftmost was rapidly flashing green. Now it’s unresponsive.

Like the flywheel with the two 15:1 gear ratios work very well for the first minute that it’s on then starts a slow decline. Any help?