Master Code Upgrade

We have been downloading and testing code all day. then all of a sudden our IFI downloader displays ‘erasing’ a bunch of blocks the freezes. When we tried to download Master code we hooked up the tether and the programming light came on right away. WE couldn’t get past the press program button message to update master code. Did we break our RC??

**Try loading new Master Code (.bin file) with these steps:

  1. Power and Tether the System as usual.
  2. Press Prog and Reset Buttons at the same time and continue to hold.
  3. Release only the Reset Button – The Battery Power LED on the Robot Controller should blink Green for a few seconds and then remain On.
  4. Release the Prog Button when the Battery Power LED stops flashing- The Battery Power LED should be flashing Green and the Program State LED should be solid Yellow.
  5. Now download Master Code (.bin) and then Default Code (.hex) using the IFI Loader as usual.

If everything downloads Ok, try downloading your User Code as usual. If you are still having problems, please give us a call (903-453-0802) for an RMA Number to return the unit for testing. **