Match Connection

So, I know I am opening myself up to ridicule and digital abuse, but I can’t find the info I need in the forums (although I am sure it is discussed at length somewhere). When teams are consistently losing connection in matches, what should be their troubleshooting protocol? Where should they start? Is there anything preventative they can consider? Thanks!

Well that could come down to a plethora of things. One issue could be that either sets of batteries in either your controller or robot could be run down to the point where a stable connection. The fix for that would be to make sure your batteries are being fully charged and everything has green lights. Also your cortex location is crucial. If you have it mounted in a location that is surrounded by metal; then you’ve just created multiple dead zones as the metal interferes with your signal to your controller. The fix for that would be to either move your cortex or use a USB extension to extend the key to a remote location. It also could be bad vex keys. The fix for that is new vex keys. Also I’d make sure that all controller key and cortex firmware is up to date as well. It’s a bit difficult to diagnose that issue, but that is how we have always fixed our connection issues.

The good old flowchart.