Match Count for Worlds

Quick question; approximately how many matches are played at Worlds?

Last year was 12

Last year was 10. It has always been 10 for as long as I can remember and we have gone most years since 2010.

Unless they change the number of teams in a division, it will be 10.

Battlesquid was probably asking about how many total matches are played. Looking at VEX DB for 2017 worlds, it was 1674, 477, and 379 for HS, MS, and VEX U (no IQ) for a total of 2530 matches, maybe more for matches without results possibly. I would expect a variation of less than 100 matches (quick inaccurate estimate). Best approximation is 2500 matches.

No, I meant how many matches does a team play in. Sorry for any confusion!

Well, I was kinda curious about how many matches were played anyway. 2500 matches is about 3.5 days of straight matches, which honestly wasn’t as much as I expected but still a lot. It’s about $4200 in wages if I make it 5 minutes per match and use $20 per hour.

An individual team will play in two practice matches and then 10 qualifying matches. The 10 qualifying matches are usually 2 on Thursday, 5 or 6 on Friday and 2 or 3 on Saturday morning. Alliance selection starts about 11:15am on Saturday, then Division Eliminations. Around 4:00pm the Divison Round-robin finals are held in Freedom Hall.

Whoops you are correct. Honestly not sure where I got that number from.