Match List @ Worlds

Just wondering… Will they be sending out the Match list before teams arrive/check-in at Worlds?

That is not really practical before check-in finishes, because if a team does not show up, the schedule needs to be regenerated


I understand that, and I don’t necessarily disagree. But, when they did it in previous years, it was a cool lead-up to Worlds where everyone would try to find their alliance partners online so that they could connect and conduct pre-event scouting activities.

The goal is always to release match lists before teams arrive, and that’s what was done in past years. This year should be the same. The catch is that they need to ensure that the teams are actually coming (especially a concern with international teams) and also verify that everyone has paid.


At this point they have already removed teams that have not paid, so that really isn’t a concern. The big concern is teams arriving on time. In the past they have had a stand by list for teams to fill that space if a team does not show. I have known two teams that have gotten in that way in 2017 and 2019.


Looks like they are up on Robot Events now (and Vex Via, I’ve heard).