Match load Strategies

Originally just a sill thought but i wanna know what you guys are thinking for the fastest match load stacker.

What if you put a mobile goal on the match load platform, could i just stack 12 cones on it by hand then grab it again with the robot?

As per the definition of match load, it specifies one at a time. Not sure if it counts as two at a time if one is scored, though. Interesting thought. Very creative

There are two ways to interpret SG3 for this practice, and both end up disallowing it. The first is to interpret “upon the loader” to allow inderect placing. However, this would they include all the cones in the stack, thus violating SG3. The other way is if one interprets “upon the loader” to be direct contact only, in which case when you stack cones on the stack you are not placing the cones upon the loader, at which point you are violating SG3.

The only thing that could possibly make this legal is like what @Brian_9605A said, if the scored cones didnt count.

But this concept could be used to stack faster, for example you could have some form of ramp that you lower on the loader so you can “quick load” cones

It’s an interesting idea, we know that a cone stacked on a mobile goal on a robot doesn’t count as possessed, so in theory the loader is technically not “possessing” any cones. Although this seems like it would be too easy and simple so I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t allow it.

I’m starting to imagine something like 254’s ramp from Recycle Rush…

(Skip to 0:58 to see them using it, they did this because they could stack faster than they could physically load onto the field)

@discovery So I’m not the only one who sees the parallels. Which FRC team are you on?