Match Schedules permanent?

I just found about about the match schedules that were released on Robot Events (All linked below) and was curious if these are 100% the ones at worlds. If a team doesn’t show up will they change? Thanks!







Thanks for posting this question. It is possible that these could change (if too many teams aren’t able to make it and don’t notify us ahead of time). Last year, we were able to avoid re-generating any match lists and regenerated only two the previous year. We are optimistic that this trend will continue. If a new match list is published, please keep these things in mind:

  1. For VRC, the new match list would be released between 10:30am and 12:00pm on Thursday, April 26th, after all teams had check-in and passed inspection.
  2. For VEX IQ Challenge, the new match list would be released at 7:45am on Monday, April 30th.
  3. Every attempt will be made to avoid re-generating the match list, including swapping single team numbers for other teams that are “standby” for the event. These are teams that are traveling with their school (or parent organization) to the event anyway and have brought their “extra” robot just in case. If teams are on the “Standby List,” they will have communicated that they are bringing an extra robot to Louisville to their REC Foundation Regional Support Manager.
  4. We wait to process any and all changes until the end, at which time we may simply change a team number instead of changing an entire schedule. We hope to keep divisions numbers balanced, and need to see all possible changes before we make any changes.
  5. All changes will be available in the VEX Worlds mobile guides, and VEX Via first. Don’t wait for a printed copy of the new schedule, be proactive and get it from the apps.

The MOST IMPORTANT things for all teams attending to remember are to check-in early at the team registration area, complete the team survey online this week, and complete inspection so that we know you are present and competing at the event. Good luck teams!