Match Starting Point

Correct me if I’m wrong, please, but looking at the field layout, each alliance starts with 7 points, correct? Winning auton seems as much about descoring your opponents points as getting your own.

Yes, each team starts at 7 points.

Yes, changing points by turning things from one alliance’s color to the other is the point and presumably why it’s called “Turning Point.” The real thing to remember about it isn’t so much the descoring or scoring as the point shift any one thing creates. You start with a tie, which could be any arbitrary number, but counting it as 7 makes things easier because it sets the baseline of nothing as 0. From that tie, flipping a cap on the ground would cause a 2-point shift, for example.

Thanks. Just confirming. That is the whole thing we are thinking of… is not just the points we score, but what we take away from the opponent as well.

I’m thinking this is a fun game to watch as the score, in a good matchup obviously, is constantly changing back and forth.

Yup. That’s why you want to consider relative point shifts more than actual points, though the former are clearly based on the latter.

I think so, too. Starstruck nearly was, but some teams figured out a partial bypass: If you could hold enough stuff, you could collect and dump at the last moment. Because of the possession limit in Turning Point, this can’t happen. Sure, hang on to two balls and a cap each while the opposing team sets everything else in their favor and then see how much you can swing the points in the last moment with what little you’re holding. That’s a losing strategy, which means teams are encouraged to change things rapidly and should make this more fun to watch.