Match Terms?

Alright, so I asked my teammate the other day what these mean, and he wasn’t sure either. I haven’t been able to find anyone that knows what they mean.

So on vex via in the match rankings, there’s the standard info there, Rank, Win Points, Auton Points, and Strength of Schedule Points. Those are all fine and dandy. But I would like to know what “OPR” “DPR” and “CCWM” is. I understand that there’s a formula for how they’re calculated (CCWM = OPR - DPR I think, etc.), but I don’t know what they mean or why they hold any weight, because they don’t come up in projected match rankings at a competition. If anyone could explain that to me that would be great. Thanks!

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They stand for Offensive Power Rating, Defensive Power Rating, and Calculated Contribution to the Winning Margin respectively


To put it simply OPR is how much you contribute to scoring in a match (higher is better) DPR is how much do you let your opponents score (less is better) and CCWM is how much you contribute to winning overall (higher is better)

It does not affect rankings but can be useful for scouting. I know Vex Via allows you to sort by OPR,DPR,CCWM which might help when looking at what teams really contribute to their matches.


From the ‘Stats Help’ in VEX Via itself:



More on the math behind OPR/DPR/CCWM in this PDF.


Although they don’t come up in any match rankings, they are additional information for teams to use when scouting and choosing alliance partners for the elimination rounds. A high CCWM, for example, generally indicates a high performing robot.


while CCWM is generally better than rankings at indicating how good a team is, dumb luck can still cause a pushbot to have a stupid high CCWM. You also have to consider how much offense and defense really matter in various games. Generally, actual scouting will ve better than just trusting the numbers, but CCWM is a great tool for scouting.