Match videos of successful high ring bot

24K competed today at the Cardinal Classic, Maryland’s largest tournament aside from states. We brought a bot that, as far as we are aware, is the first ever bot to focus only on scoring high rings. We ended up winning the tournament, going into eliminations as 9th seed and upsetting first seed in quarterfinals. You can find videos of all of our matches here. Moving forward, I think we need to have a way to re-orient the goal without letting go of it.


very cool robot, congrats on the tc.


you could build a lobster claw and use a motor with a wheel to rotate

What’s your motor count on that bc it looks like it only has 1 motor on that dr4b and 1 on the intake? amazing robot btw.

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Very cool and innovative robot. It reminds me of the China high goal bots. One question, is your robot able to score rings on the alliance goals, or is it strictly limited to the high goal?

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You got it.
drive: 6m, 333 rpm, 3.25" wheels
lift: 100 rpm 1:7
intake: 600 rpm 1:1

We only do the high goal, the dumper doesn’t line up right on the low ones. It would be too time consuming for too few points anyway.

Our current clamp has a good enough grip. I actually don’t believe it’s possible to take the goal away from us once we have it. As for a rotator wheel, it would be nice, but it would mean moving to a four motor drive. If we want to be competitive moving forward, a six motor drive is necessary to get to the center goal quickly in auton. We have a few ideas to make alignment easier anyways.


So do you use pneumatics to dump the rings onto the high post?

Yep. The ring dumper and both mogo clamps all use one piston each, and the mogo tilter uses two.

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