Matching Right Drive to Left Drive Speeds

My robot is slanting to the right, so I was wondering if anyone knew how to match the speeds of both sides of the drive train in the program.


You can always multiply the speed of one side of the drive base by a coefficient (0.8 for example) to slow it down. A better way to do it however is to fix whatever the underlying issue is. Take friction off your base, keep your center of mass centered, make sure your motors are in good condition, etc.

Good luck!

Can you give us more insight on your problem and maybe your current chassis setup? Slanting to the right? is there more friction weight or motors on one side? there are correction codes that can help sometimes but those really help most if the drive train drives foreword in the first place.

It would be very appreciated to provide images of your drivetrain.

+1 whenever asking for help our advice try to provide pictures or videos of the system you are asking about, it will better allow people to give you the help you need.