Material for rollers in snailbots

What is the best material for making rollers in the snailbots?
I am trying to pick between rubber bands, tank treads, and surgical tubing.

  • Rubber Bands
  • Surgical Tubing
  • Tank Treads

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  • Flywheel

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what about lexan? i hear its very good for rollers


Thats seems reasonable, haven’t tried yet though.

We tried bare gears in our tower takeover bot and they worked fine

a what? Your tower takeover bot was a snailbot??

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yeah i think that might work too, because the gears work as mini flaps that are very rigid

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what about sprockets?

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Anyways, you are going to have to test all of these options by yourself, there probably isn’t any end-all best option for intakes this early in the season. And there haven’t been many competitions either to see how they play out.

Most intake designs are different, and we don’t know which one works best for whichever design you are planning.

Unless you figure out how to make compliance wheels, then PM me :wink:

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I already have that figured out :wink:but wait for our reveal

thh tho rubber bands would be good though because you have some leeway in terms of finding the right spacing for the distance between the back wall and the rollers

Rubber bands are way easier to replace than tubing when they brake.

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Tubing is more durable than rubber bands.

I’ve also heard that sprockets with standoffs are a good alternative to indexers

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Not on a snailbot, the standoffs don’t offer flexibility in tight spaces unless your holding area is extremely large which becomes inefficient.


I would use surgical tubing if you want to tune the compression.