Material library of blender

So, do you guys have the Material library of Blender, If you have please give me thx.

Can specify what you are looking for?

Are you looking for pre-made blender materials or textures? Are you looking for materials made specifically for vex parts? Are you looking for a blender parts library?

umm, Blender is a software for 3D. I need the library for Blender

Maybe it’s .obj’s flie

Here is a parts library I use for blender… (32.4 MB)
It is just some parts from a library for programs like inventor that I converted, imported into blender, and add some simple materials to. All the parts in a blender file, so you can just link or append them.


Sorry, can you please send it again.
There are some error when I was download the file

What error?

Oh that is a download error.

Is it working now? Or do you still need help with the problem?

Can you send it again please?

What do you mean send it again? The download link is in a post above. Try downloading it again.

If it still doesn’t work then can you share the exact error message or a picture of the error message.

Ohh ok, thx for your help!

I downloaded it 3 min ago, it worked

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