Materials Allowed For this Season

I was just wondering what materials are allowed for this year, particularly for virtual participants in Tipping Point.
I have heard that the rules are getting more strict this year in regards to materials which are not produced by the VEX company.
What non-VEX produced products are we allowed to use?
Are we allowed to use products such as rubber mesh?
Finally, are we allowed to use omni-wheels? This is a VEX product but I have heard that it is under some new limitations.

I thank you all for your answers and support.

All of your questions can be answered by reading the official game manual, which can be found at the following link:


Thank you so much!

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It might be worth using the links that will be updated with every manual update: and as they appear here Competition Overview - Competition - V5 - VEX Robotics I guess allowed materials are unlikely to change, but you never know.


Also check the Official Q&A for the Tipping Point Season

Registered teams can post questions to the Official Q&A.

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I did.

It appears that the forum embeds the redirected page when you load this post. Presumably when in the future the redirect changes the embed would also update.


Right, so if I edit my comment to isolate the link on its own line, it also follows to the pdf.
Is it presumable? You’d hope so, sure, but this is software (quiet Sparta reference).

Thanks, @u89djt! I will make sure to check this out!

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