Materials of Game Elements and Field Elements

Is there any information available about the materials used for each part of a field (more specific than, say “HDPE”)? This includes: field tiles, Triballs etc.

field tiles are standard foam tiles, the poles are 2" diameter P.V.C. , and the triballs are made of HDPE plastic,

I know this, but it is awfully vague. What foam? What HDPE? It might be too much to ask for, but it would be much easier to design for a field that is fully defined with no discrepancy.

real world is messy - Nothing But Net foam balls were all over the place in terms of squishiness.

I would worry more about ± 1" variance of field in all dimensions :slight_smile:


According to the vex website the foam is Anti-Static EVA Foam (35-40) VRC Anti-Static Field Tiles - VEX Robotics


There is no discrepancy. HDPE is a type of plastic (High Density Poly-Ethylene) it’s a standard plastic, PVC is Tubing made of Vinyl. So if you have a 3D printer you can make some acorns our of HDPE; buy some PVC from home depot and cut it; order some 2ft^2 foam tiles from amazon, and buy a field barrier you can have a fully functional game.


What material is the Yellow caps composed of? Also, what is the name of the coating/paint on the PVC pipes (if any)? I’m trying to calculate the constant of friction for each of them.

I wanted to do the same, but even the best data won’t give a precise enough value, so just try it and see

their is no paint the vinyl is colored to be red , blue and black so the white pvc at home depot has the same friction as the field parts. You should never touch the yellow caps so anything that fits the dimensions of the yellow caps should work