Can we use the polycarbonate flags from last year’s game on our robot?

Yes, in fact I’ve already seen several teams using them competing at local competitions


Yes the rule that it can only be cut from a single sheet still applies, so you cannot exceed the limit.


The rule would be R9 in the game manual

To clarify, you can use multiple physical sheets of polycarbonate (multiple flags), you just have to be able to show that you could have cut them from a 12"x24" sheet (i.e., that you could arrange all the pieces to fit in 12"x24"). The maximum number of TP flags you can fit in that ares is 4.


Questions about interpretations of Game Manual should ALWAYS be asked in the Official Q&A on

You should browse the Q&A to see if someone already asked the question. In this case, this question has been asked and answered:

Best wishes for this competition season!


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