Math Division: 1437x: The Tank

-4-393 geared to torque and 2-3 wires on 4 mecanum wheels (1 393 + 1 3-wire on front wheels) (1 393 on back wheels)

  • ~40” wide
    -The Brake
    -powered by 2 3-wire motors
    -1:27 ratio
    -when deployed the robot is lifted off its wheels and is virtually un-pushable

The Mouth
-powered by a ridiculous number of rubber bands
-inhales wall during 1st second of autonomous
-pieces of the wall fly to partner

-1 269 on arm and 1 3-wire on manipulator
-upwards ramp
-can score on 30” goal with preloads
-3 at a time

The Game Plan
-Never allow opponents to cross into our own side of the interaction zone
-Wide and immoveable chassis makes this easy
-This provides an opportunity for our ally to destroy with a surplus of game pieces and no robot in its way
-Continue to advance into opponent’s area
-Open the gate early to give partner more field and pieces to work with
-Does not pin (it is counterproductive as a result of the rule that the offending robot must then retreat
-Score first pieces in the middle 30 goal and/or double and negate middle 30 with manipulator (In some circumstances)



Any thoughts, comments, and criticisms are welcome!

Looks like you have made some mods since february. Hope to be paired with you guys in the math division. See you guys in Anaheim.

aww too bad we are not in the same div :frowning:
been eyeing you for a while since the last vid…
hope you do well :slight_smile:

That looks pretty cool but, it doesn’t really help your own alliance to keep the game objects from them too.

Sorry the pictures and videos aren’t the greatest. The back of the mouth is completely open. When I drive forwards most of the pieces of the pyramid fall back.

How well do you block against robots?

With such a strong gear ratio, The Tank pushes most robots any direction we want. For the few strong drivechains (8-motor drives or Wallbots) the brake prevents the team from pushing us. Also, with such a wide chassis, there is not enough room on either side for a robot to pass.

We had the chance to test our robots against viewpoints. It was quite interesting to see haha.

1114M managed to spin you by the edge of your chassis and negate one of your goals.

How did this happen?

imagine a lever
or an arm on your robot
If you apply pressure right at the joint of your robot it takes a lot of strength to lower the arm but if you do do it i only push it distance wise an inch
if you go farther down the arm the more distance you have to push but inversely the less strength is required same concept with wings on these robots
it allows robots to push you easier because they only have to push with half the strength and twice the distance

I have a video of my team playing the tank at worlds. I thought it was on our YouTube but I guess not so I will have to upload it.

We have a video of our team and 1114M playing against the tank as well. We employed the strategy of scoring in the center 30" goal and then waiting near our start tile for the doubler.

Here’s the video of us and 1114M vs The Tank.