Math Division Reveals

There doesn’t seem to be a math division thread yet. For convenience post your MATH division team’s reveal here. There are already several Math division robot reveals in other threads. There may be others, but here are a few:

1200C -

5212B -

1826 - 20 pt Autonomous

Check out our reveal here!

A complete forum post with a photo album is in the approval process, but had to get this out to you guys! :smiley:
See you all in a couple days!

What are you running for an auton? I’m liking the multiple intake system idea. How high can the cube setup score on?

For cubes we are running a 10 point auton (1 and 3) and for skyrises we are looking for 12 (hopefully we can get this wrapped up before we leave). We can score 4 cubes on a five high skyrise and 3 cubes up to seven skyrises, although sometimes we have a bit of trouble with it. Six skyrises is rock solid though.

Very nice. We’re both pushing very similarly then. I look forward to competing with/against you guys. It ought to be interesting.

We didn’t have time to make a reveal, but we have a 2-cube needle and a 3-section-plus-cube auton using our pneumatic swing arm. We also have an 8 point cube auton.

I have assembled a playlist of all the teams I could find from Math.
You’ll have to check the descriptions and division list to seek out the Math robots in the match videos.

Team 81M is in Math so be prepared to be amazed (by our stupidity)

We have not one but two complete competition ready robots. (we started robot #2 two weeks ago and finished last night) . We still havent decided which one to use yet.

And here is the (slightly over dramatic) reveal for 2908X’s robot, Manatee:

Thanks for doing this, this has been useful for pre-tournament scouting. I did make one of these for all the teams that qualified, but failed to update it when divisions came out.
Since the video of my team on that playlist is out date (way before NZ, nationals in early February), It will be interesting to see how representative the videos are of the teams at the competition…

Hey our reveal post can be found here

Goodluck to everyone competing tomorrow!