Math Division

Ready to see you guys in Math division. Anyone else here in there?
Feel free to post videos or scouting in here for Math

2527a will be ready to rumble! Excited to compete with so many countries :slight_smile:

2223G UHS Robotics reporting in! Come by our pit and check out our robot! This division looks niice

Its fun to have the only Hong Kong Team in there.

Only if you return the favor! Of course we will

ksoX1119, it looks like we will be together as Mississippi teams in Math!

Here is my team’s brand new reveal video for those interested.

66A is looking forward to competiting with you guys! Stop by our table anytime anyone needs help :).

link text
This was our state reveal from January, we have since made improvements to the intake and lift.

This is our robot.

See you in Math.

Hey its 1320C cant wait to compete against you guys.

cant wait man. its gonna be fun

8452A is looking forward to competing with everyone! See you in Math div.

Yo it’s 4405C representing Nebraska, can’t wait to compete against everyone!

7536A reveal video

have fun guys

315G’s worlds reveal. See you around and good luck!

Anyone who gets the chance should stop by 1320C’s pit we’re a rlly good stable fast and consistent robot with multiple autonomous

Any ideas on countering 8000z?( The big robot)


you counter 8000z the same way you counter the other 8000 bots