Mathematics in VCS?


I’m looking to see if there’s Math in Vex C++ as ROBOTC used to have it.
I’ve no luck in finding “PI” and other mathematical constants and functions


what are you trying to calculate?
edit: you could just use 3.14159 as a replacement


Pi isn’t a standard in C++. There are various suggestions about the best approach. It is available in some libraries. But it’s probably just easiest to make sure you write it properly and declare it globally yourself.


atan(1) * 4 = pi mathematically.

The atan library is available.

You could set that to a constant in the program.


I’m trying to get the circumference of the wheels and such. I’m also in need of calculating absolute values of numbers and finding square roots.


We should be supporting all standard math functions.


Pi is defined as M_PI

Brain.Screen.printAt(20, 20, "%f", M_PI );

(which I should add is not really standard C but happens to be defined for now in VCS as it’s part of math.h)

math.h in VCS

Ah, good to know it’s not just standard C, that math.h is included. Thanks.