Mathmatics Division:

Here are the teams that I recognize that are in Math:
35 Vextreme Velocity
44 GER
5492A The American School In Japan (super stacker!)
7581H The VEX Raptors.

Who else here is in Math?

It looks like GER and Super Stacker 2 could be our world champions this year!

2915A is
(10 char)

44+5492, I see beautiful things in the future.

Keep 7581H in mind when you and GER are selecting your third partner! :wink:


(10 char)

We have a team in this division. In our rookie year to

My team is in this division. See you all there.

1437x will be in Math. I am doing a reveal hopefully today.

You will DEFINITELY want to see it…

My team revealed already

9090C here
see you guys in Anaheim

As Jack said further up, 2915A from New Zealand is in there, also 2941A from Otumoetai College.
2915A were winners at NZ Nationals earlier this year, and Otumoetai have been consistantly in the top NZ teams.
I wish you all luck against them :stuck_out_tongue:

3 Hawaii teams
2438B: Iolani
4109: 808 Robotics
1973A: Mililani

Hope they win something.

This thread seems like the least active of all the division threads.

Team 2059
We have a very unique element of our robot that we do not wish to reveal until tomorrow. :wink:

Nice to meet you and good luck tomorrow!

these teams must be busy doing other stuff maybe…

well if teams listened more on the field they would do better!!!

What’s this referring to…?

some alliance partners don’t know how to work. mainly referring to rookie teams

i completely agree. the math division was very hard. partially because of the good teams, but just as much due to the abundance of teams that were unable to carry their weight in a match. somehow we did not get one NZ style bot as partner the entire tournament and were against one or more nearly every if not every match.

Im still confused on why Lynfield picked Discobots as their second pick. My team had to carry them in one of our matches.