Mating to square holes in Autodesk Inventor

I’ve just started to learn Autodesk Inventor and have been having trouble mating to metal pieces’ square holes. From what I’ve seen in most tutorials, they seem to be able to mate to pre-placed circular holes inside of the metal piece, but I can’t seem to figure out how to do that myself. When I try to constrain to the metal, there are no circular holes like in the videos. I am currently using Inventor Professional 2020 and the VEX Parts Library 2016. If someone could explain this or provide any tutorials, my sanity would greatly appreciate it.

I think that’s a problem involving your CAD Library. I use the SIGBots CAD Library. I don’t have a link, but I advice you search this forum for a recently made better trusted CAD library.

What you probably want is a parts library that includes support for iMates. These will include the “pre-placed circular holes” for the purposes of the iMates.

Of course, it is possible to implement the circles and/or iMates yourself:

Ah let me enlighten you with this wonderful library that has circles in all the square holes. It also has imate support. Most parts have been updated to inventor 2019. Inventor Library