MATLAB Licenses now available for Tower Takeover with Clawbot demo code

VEX Teams,

Complimentary MATLAB licenses are now available for all VEX Robotics team for the Tower Takeover season. We also have a new VEX Getting Started Guide that will help teachers and students navigate all of our resources available for programming VEX robots.

There is also code and model examples for programming Autonomous and Driver control for the VEX Clawbot in our VEX Companion App in addition to all documentation examples.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help, and best of luck to everyone this season!


Jose Avendano
MathWorks Student Competitions Team
[email protected]


Does the virtual simulation system feature a field for tower takeover?


No game specific simulations yet. The virtual robot libraries we have are mostly for getting started programming generic mobile robots, you can find more info here:

However, if you guys are interested, CAD can be imported from different CAD programs to simulate both mechanics and programming, and you guys can customize your 3D simulations afterwards. This is how we created the Robotics Playground library and you can learn more about physical modeling with these tutorials if interested.

It uses cars as examples but it applies the same for robot mechanics. If any of you guys import your robots please share!

Also if you guys have any questions feel free to contacts us and we can help if you get stuck using MATLAB and Simulink.



[email protected]

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