Matrix parts come to FTC, VEX with round holes

This thread on Chief Delphi has pictures of the new Matrix parts for the FTC robot. Most of it is things we have now: omni wheels, universal joints, etc. But they get some new metal plates and some interesting corner connectors. Looks like VEX parts with round holes (actually it looks like Meccano parts). Only thing I’d like is the corner connector, it would give some flexibility in making frames.

I saw that today when another team member showed it to me. My first reaction: FTC might actually be getting a decently adjustable kit. (a set pitch of holes vs that nasty 8-hole system surrounding the larger insert hole).

But I agree, the corner connection would be useful in certain instances, but keep in mind, VEX parts usually are more useful than the same c-channel with extra length (i.e they have differing end connection options) like FTC’s TETRIX kit’s are.

I used to play with Meccano for hours and hours.
I’m liking the look of those corner pieces, and the motor mounts look awesome. I always disliked mounting DC motors on TETRIX parts. Does anyone else take a look at that timing belt and think “CVT”?

Alottt Harder than you think man. You need a special belt… :frowning:

  • Andrew

I know, I know, but the possibility. I understand that this isn’t anywhere near the same scale of difficulty, but two years ago I would have scoffed if someone told me that a VEX team would build usable mecanum wheels from VEX legal parts. And looking at the planetary gear transmissions that teams have made, I don’t rule a CVT out as a possibility. Plus, there’s that sheet of aluminium you’re allowed to use in FTC.

The disks aren’t hard to make. I could do that easily (even in VEX) But problem is the belt. needs pitches and such that are cruical to the success of the drive itself. But I guess thats a project for later after I make a CVT with less limiting kits. :smiley:

  • Andrew

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