Maui County Fair VEX Robotics Tournament

This tournament took place at Baldwin Highschool in Maui. Our team (team 2467) took 1st place as well as 2nd place, and the Excellence Award. It was a very good competition for us, as we we’re mostly ready for the competition, and all of our robots were innovative and finished.
However, some of the other robots were disfunctional, or didn’t move at all.I was wondering if similar things happen at other VEX tournaments as well around the globe. Was our competition just low-level compared to others, or is this common at tournaments around the beginning of the season? And I will see you guys at the World Championships x].

Also thanks to all of the supporters, and good job to all the maui schools.

Congratulations! You must have worked hard to have such a good robot this time of the season.

Two things I witnessed in the Northwest last year were that some teams struggled early in the season, and that the best robots from the first tournament of the year would not have been competitive by our last event in March. Start working on your upgrades!

GCEC and RAR have posted lots of youtube videos of the New Zealand scrimmages so far. You’ll notice that their overall quality has drastically improved since the first scrimmage.

Do you have any video of the tournament you attended?

good job for u guys :slight_smile: hope to face u again

Nice! Are you guys going to Pan Pacific? If so we hope to see you in December.

Honestly, you guys had your competition extremely early in the season. And I bet a few of the teams just found out the game and didn’t quite have enough time to experiment as much as they wanted to.

Congratulations to your teams though. If you compete in later tournaments, you’ll find that the standard of robots will generally increase.

yea we are, hope we see you guys too x].
and as for videos, They announced that a radio station in maui was suppose to upload all the videos somewhere but I havn’t found them yet. Here is one from one of our team mates who taped one of the matches:

The robot that is faraway from the camera is ours (the one that goes straight and puts in footballs for the autonomous)

yea, we went to championships last year(or this year i guess), and it was quite challenging. I thought it was pretty fun though, meeting new people and seeing different types of robots and autonomous(since i am the programmer).