Maui Fair Tournament 2011

Today the Maui Fair Tournament was hosted at Baldwin Gymnasium. 31 teams competed at this event. All trying to earn one of the 4 spots to the Vex World Championships in Anaheim. Maui High School (Blue Thunder) would like to thank all our sponsors and volunteers for helping to make this event possible.

Congratulations to the following teams for earning spots for the world championships:

Tournament Champions:
2195A - Kealakehe High School
2439X - Baldwin High School
808A - King Keaulike

Excellence Award:
2453 - Hawaii Baptist

During the whole competition, matches were really interesting. Many teams were disqualified for simple things. So I advise all teams should reread rules.
SImple things would be knowing that only 1 barrel, and 1 ball can be introduced. Also that match loads can only be introduced in the interaction zone.In addition teams should lift there gates by the 30 second mark. Lastly make sure doublers and negators are introduced in the right area/zone, and not introduced before the 30 second mark.

Out of the whole tournament there were 10-12 DQ’s for things that I listed above.

Continuing on with match loads. Usually match loads lasted the first minute in both qualification matches/ elimination matches. Which was pretty fast. Also usually the gates were lifted at the 1 minute mark. (Some teams wanted to score all the game objects in the isolation zone. In addition doublers/negators were hardly used during qualification. But during eliminations teams mainly used the doubler, and a few teams used the negator which affected matches towards there win

During elimination rounds everything ran smoothly and usually we never had to run a 3rd match(only once). Also 2-3 alliances moved up the elimination bracket because of disqualifications. So teams should careful and read the rules a lot.

Finally most robot designs were of 3018’s roller intake, and Aura’s 6 bar. Also of 1437z’s robot for gateway.

Finals 1 and 2 will be posted in the following week. I will post an update once we meet for robotics again. (Fall break right now :D)

fyi we were team x o.o

Do you have any videos or pictures of the tournament?


thanks christian :slight_smile:

Well done 8176 (Nanjing JinLing) :).

Also, How successful was the 1437z design? I thought it looked… a bit slow.

The robots like 1437z were pretty ok. Some problems I noticed while watching(head ref) each match was sometimes objects would get jammed or miss the goal. Also the conveyors had a really hard time picking up barrels with the grooves. Besides that they were really slow just like 1437z.
Most of the times teams with this design would score 5-7 objects in a whole match. In addition teams who started in the isolation zone with this design barely finished scoring all the objects b4 the 30 second mark. Lastly teams in the interaction zone usually just used the match loads to score.

Can anyone tell me the programming and driver skills scores?

Driver skills score was 19, which was done by 2439X

Not sure about programming.

What is the highest score you can receive in Programming, Driver skills?

i believe its around 41

OK. I calculated a Driver Skills run and I got 41 points.

I would like to do the same with Programming Skills.

Is it legal to load programming skills match loads right after the robot starts? for the scores and various predictions about the skills challenges.

I’m sticking with 40-50 points for the max. Anything over 46 is dependent on stacking above the height of the tall doubled goals. Not easy.

Team 1437z is competing at a competition in calabasas, ca on October 22. Our team will be there along with 404, 21, 599, 687, and 20 its going to be pretty competitive considering we have a lot of powerhouse teams going to this event. 1437 (Viewpoint High School) will be hosting the event at their high school. :slight_smile: So after the event i will tell you how they did, and im pretty sure they made their robot a faster, because that was like 3 months ago when they posted that video.

Hey guys, I’m Chris from Viewpoint.

First off, 1138, I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys bring to our tourney (as well as some of the other big teams, granada, spurflys, etc). Im also thrilled to be able to help host the first world qualifier in our region :slight_smile:

As for the robot from the videos, as many have pointed out, it is quite slow. That was the reason I had no reservations about posting those videos for all the world to see back in June. It was just a little summer robot I put together, but for the upcoming tourney, I have bigger and better plans. While that robot will probably make an appearance on the 22nd, it will be more in a second or third-string role. I actually have just been putting the finishing touches on the newer, better (faster) “Z” robot, which you guys will see in a few weeks (hopefully as a top contender :wink: ) See you soon!

By the way we have 2 teams now because last year we have around 20 kids on 1 robot (1team) so we split the knowledge equally and from 2 teams with 2 robots, and 10 kids per team. One of the robots we made is a lot more “innovative” kind of like the robot we had last year, and the other robot is a lot more “winning” kind of. The “winning” robot scores a lot fast than the “innovative” robot, but the innovative robot has a lot of characteristics that could help win an excellence or design award. :slight_smile: And i honestly can wait to see the robots that you guys have created (1437) along with all the other powerhouse teams in our area.