Max autonomous codes you can have with an LCD screen

The LCD ‘Code Chooser’ sample says up to four different autonomous codes can be chosen from. Is this true? Can I put as much as the cortex’s memory allows it? Can I put more than 4, maybe 8? 16? Maybe 24 (that’s a big if)? Thank you in advance.

If you make your own code, you can have as many as memory allows.

I’m not a big programmer so i use the sample code and i had 30ish autonomous plans to be selected with that. They didn’t eat up much space on the cortex. I believe a 120ish ones with decent code on each fit on the cortex. The main thing that eats up space on the memory is sound files.

Okay then, thank you for your input! I will see what I can do.

Which, it should be said, is more space than you will need.