Max Balls Scored In High Goal?

Does anyone know the approximate Max amount of balls that can fit in the high goal? Everyone seems to be writing off plows and dumpers but if the top goal only fits 25 balls then this may be a valid partner strategy…

I am also really interested in this number. If the heigh goals can only hold a small about of balls then i could see a lot of fighting over the bonus balls to get them into your goal.

There should be no reason why you couldn’t get 50+ in the high goal

I agree, this could be a new approach to the strategy of the game

From what I remember of looking at the field at worlds, the high goal has a velcro flap near the bottom that folds up to release the balls. I have no idea if Refs will be able to release that flap and the balls into the area behind the low goal to allow more scoring, which would obviously be the best option. Otherwise, the match would turn to push bots and low velocity launchers after about a minute.

I saw it too but I don’t know if it’s for counting after the match or if its going to be always open.

I think that the high goal will be a battleground for trying to get in bonus balls, it looks like there is limited room in the goal. I didn’t see the goals up close though, I am not sure if it can be released into behind the low goal or not. We will just have to see.

While searching for new ideas I came across this video and it shows balls in the high goal…

I hope this helps!

My team used this photo and we found that with plus or minus one inch from our measurements that it will probably hold 76 balls before they get over the lip of the goal

I spoke with a VEX employee at the new game showcase at Worlds. He told me that the net was designed to hold enough balls to guarantee victory. Basically, if you fill it up, you’ve won.

The employee also said that the flap would only be opened for scoring when I asked about that.

This makes me want to build a super good shooting robot. Guarantee victory…sounds so nice…

The problem is that according to <SG9> Robots may not break the plane of any Goal- therefore a dumper would have to shoot almost, with its 4 ball max payload- and not be able to do the high goal.
I wish a dumper could have worked too, but this year seems to really want people to play the challenge as straightforward as possible.

For this to be literally true the goal would need to hold 64 balls by my count. If you do only that and your opponents get every point they can (autonomous, high goal, high elevating) you still win.