Max RPM of V5 Rotation Sensor

Does anyone know the maximum rpm the V5 Rotation sensor can read?

Unlike the optical shaft encoder (can read up to 1133rpm) the limitations of the V5 Rotation sensor dont seem to be listed on the vex website.

Edit: I did some quick testing of my own and found it worked at 4200 rpm however i didnt test any higher as my application wasnt so extreme to require such range


I do not recomend spinning the rotation sensor too fast. I ran the rotation sensor 7:1 hooked up to a drill spinning at 2000 rpm (14000 total)

Nedless to say the rotaion sensor melted. It seemed to work up untill that point as well. So the bigger concern should be not having the rotation sensors melt(they have way too much friction in them anyways I should do a power test with vs without rotation sesnor).


Ummm wow 0_0

Is this destroyed sensor in cursed images by any chance?


This is what I would expect.

While the sensor inside is capable of much higher speeds, the plastic shaft spinning inside a plastic bushing is going to be the limiting factor.

Based on other similar products, I would say anything under 10,000 RPM is probably fine, anything above this and you’ll run the risk of the two plastic spinning bits fusing themselves together.


Just a engineering reminder. You can mount the rotation sensor on the motor shaft, then speed is not an issue. I’m assuming @MobGoblin_70291E wants to either use the rotation speed to report back to the joystick when it’s up to speed and when to fire.

So if they have a 1:600 gear train they can just do
WheelRPM = rotation_sensor(port) * 600
While not 100% accurate do to gear slop, it’s going to be close enough for what you want to do.

That way you don’t need to worry about going past the 10K limit.


That is incredibly fast

I thank you all for the kind advice

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Although nobody should be using a flywheel any faster than 4200 rpm, which it sounds like a rotation sensor would be able to handle.


Hard to say, if they are using stacked 12 tooth pinion gears …

edited to add: so back of the envelope math, those gears are 3/4 “ across makes a 2” circumference. 10,000 rpm is 20,000” per min. Matching some more gets me to 27 FPS. So even that is going to do some major fling…

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